Future Investment

What is Future Investment?

The availability of money will play a part in many of the big decisions you make in life. Whether it is buying a house, investing in a business, planning your balance of work and pleasure or when you can retire, all will depend on the availability of finance.

There are an overwhelming number of products and routes to these types of finance so speaking with a trusted, independent advisor who has knowledge of your personal circumstances and an overview of your professional life is important.

Mortgages, business loans, personal loans and investments are all areas that an IFA is trained and licenced to provide advice on. Working with an IFA with knowledge of the veterinary profession can provide that additional reassurance that you are receiving the right advice for your circumstances.

Why might I need to invest in my future?

Starting a practice, buying a car, a mortgage deposit or paying a tax bill are all reasons why tucking away a little money now may pay dividends in the future! Whatever your plans for your future, having a lump sum of money will help make your next life decision a little easier.


  • Investing in a defined savings plan is likely to provide better returns than leaving your money in a bank current account.
  • Starting the discipline of regular saving will help when you have larger monthly commitments as a home owner or if you have a family.
  • Under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, up to £85,000 per person, is protected if the bank or building society collapses.
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How it works


Squirrel away a lump sum or make regular payments in to a defined policy.


Locking your savings away for a longer period may provide a better return.


Look out for any penalties for with-drawing your money, especially at short notice.