Private Health Insurance

What is Private Health Insurance?

Health insurance covers the cost of private medical treatment and typically people with cover receive faster consultations and private treatment, which can be in a private or NHS hospital.

There are lots of different plans to choose from and while basic policies cover essential treatments, more comprehensive policies may include specialist therapies and medicines such as acupuncture, therefore speaking to an advisor about the policy that is right for you is important.

Why do I need Private Health Insurance?

Whether it’s getting the help you need faster or to provide you with breakthrough treatments to help address your health issues, Private Medical Insurance can provide cover for conditions from cancer through to cataracts. You will often receive treatment quickly and you may be able to bypass lengthy NHS waiting times. Individual policies cover you if you become ill or injured – a joint policy can also cover your partner and a family policy gives whole cover for you and your children.

Basic policies usually pay for treatment and any costs if you are an inpatient at the hospital. Other policies generally provide outpatient care alongside inpatient support and the most comprehensive policies also cover mental health conditions and provide support, even if your condition returns.


  • You can bypass NHS waiting times
  • You can often access a greater range of treatments
  • You may be able to choose a location where you are treated
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How it works


Choose the level of cover suitable for you – a simple policy with a lower premium or a more comprehensive policy which may cost more. You can often lower the cost of your premiums by paying more excess, should you ever need to make a claim.


Your premiums are also influenced by where you live – London and the South East are the most expensive areas. Your age will also affect your premiums, as your risk of needing medical treatment increases with age.


Your habits also affect premiums, with smokers and even e-cigarette users often paying increased premiums.