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As someone who works with animals, you’ll see every day that sadly they can have unexpected accidents or become ill.

It’s much the same for us humans. Ill health or an accident can happen to any of us, at any time. Out of the blue. Of course, we’ve got the added responsibility of bills to pay too. 

Future Proof Ltd, leading protection specialists, are delighted to work with VetYou to introduce you to the Home Protector Product from Holloway Friendly.

With Home Protector, they’ll pay your mortgage or rent paid, for up to a year if you do get too unwell to work in your job. Plus, a bit more on top if you need it.

With no health or financial questions to answer, it’s quick and easy to buy too. Watch our short video below to find out more!

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Home Protector

To help you decide if Home Protector is right for you, please read their Key facts and terms and conditions and watch their short video below.

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Free and unlimited GP consultations

When you buy your insurance, you’ll also get free access to a fantastic 24/7 GP service, for you, your partner and any of your children who are under 18 (all living at your address).

You, personally, will also get free access to a second opinion medical service. For more information, please click here.

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Product Summary

Here’s a quick summary of what you get with Home Protector, plus some other important information. But please read the full information in our Key Facts and Terms and Conditions before you buy your insurance, to make sure it’s right for you.

What you get from Home Protector

  • Home Protector will pay your mortgage or rent each month, for up to a year, if you can’t work in your job because you have an accident or become unwell
  • You can choose to have a bit of extra on top too if you want it
  • Covers all new accidents and illnesses
  • No medical questions to answer
  • You can keep your insurance to age 70, as long as you’re working and pay towards a mortgage or rent
  • Holloway Friendly promise they won’t change how your insurance works in the future
  • Holloway Friendly will pay you in full, even if you’re getting sick pay, state benefits or other insurance because you can’t work
  • Free and unlimited GP consultations for you and your family, plus a second opinion medical service for you

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Important information

  • Your insurance will pay you for up to a year for each claim
  • You’re not covered for conditions you had in the two years before you bought it. That includes any conditions you had medication, treatment or medical advice for in those two years. Or anything you know about or had symptoms of during that time
  • If you did have a condition in the two years before you bought Home Protector, once you’ve gone clear of that condition for two years, Holloway Friendly will cover that as well. But Holloway Friendly will never be able to cover any permanent health conditions you’ve got, as you can’t ‘go clear’ of them
  • There are 12 types of higher risk sports and hobbies Home Protector can’t cover and Home Protector can’t cover semi-professional or professional sports. They’re listed in their key facts and Terms and conditions 
  • The price of your insurance is based on your age each year, so it usually goes up as you get older, as you’re more likely to need to use it
  • Holloway Friendly look at their prices once a year. They could put them up or down if certain things happen. They explain what these are the in their key facts and Terms and conditions
  • Your insurance doesn’t cover being made unemployed, and (like most insurance) you don’t get anything back at the end if you don’t need to use it
  • Holloway Friendly won’t change what they pay you if you get state benefits, but it’s possible your insurance might affect state benefits, depending on what rules are in place at the time

VetYou is an Appointed Introducer of Future Proof Limited and their Firm Reference (FRN) 971606. Future Proof Limited is an appointed representative of St. James Place Wealth Management plc which authorized and regulated by Financial Conduct Authority. Future Proof Limited Registered Office: St. James Place House, 1 Tetbury Road, Cirencester, Gloucestershire GL7 1FP. Registered in England No. 07608319

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