New Grad Financial Review - Fix Up Look Sharp For 2021!

Great to see so many of you asking questions & helping others!

We covered all kinds of ground from your questions that you sent in and asked live. So, listen back if these questions have been on your mind recently too!

  • What should a new grad salary be expected to look like? (Roughly)
  • Where's the best place to find out the average UK vet salary? Ideally with a breakdown depending on region of the UK
  • How much of a pay rise should I get after working for one year?
  • Very interested in contract negotiation and whether vet salaries are likely to change due to covid and Brexit
  • How does someone with no prior knowledge of reading job contracts know what is fair and what is a red flag?
  • Allowances vs housing. What’s a good rota and contract negotiations?
  • Should I sign up for pensions offered by employer? What is best to cover illness/long term leave if I need it in the future?
  • Is a 5% pension contribution enough or would you recommend increasing it?
  • As a new grad do we need income protection? Is it the kind of thing that’s better the longer you have it?
  • Is it possible to start a savings account right out of uni and if so what type would be best?

Our top take aways on negotiation

  1. It’s not just salary - think total package

  2. Put yourself in the employer's shoes - “Boss Empathy” What do they want? What are they looking for? What do they value?

  3. Prepare - go in knowing MUST have; LIKE to have; Red lines.
    1. Would - will have! not accept unless....

    2. Should - this really needs to be in

    3. Could - would sure be nice!

  4. It’s not about winning and losing but achieving something everyone can live with

  5. Research salary ranges, what could you achieve?

  6. Defer gratification…...always look for the ‘best’ for your long term future

  7. Be calm, emotion is your enemy in negotiation

What action can you take to help your future finances?

  • Have you downloaded our Financial Review Checklist? Make sure to download it and go through it here. Keep us up to date on your progress, wins and of course, if you need a helping hand @vetyoucommunity on socials or
  • Join our why it's so worth ppppicking up a personal pension 27th Jan here
  • Book a free call with Andrew - one of our financial advisors to discuss your person needs here
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