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Why it is so worth pppicking up a personal pension

Watch back this super helpful pension 101 session. Plus, how do fancy some £ for your pension from RainDrop too!

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New Grad Financial Review - Fix Up Look Sharp For 2021!

The power of taking control of your finances early. Watch back our super community session!

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The Financial MOT Challenge

A daily tip or action to do to help you take control of your financial future over Lockdown #2

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Your 1st 100 days in your new job!

Our top financial tips for entering the workforce and putting you at the centre of your financial future

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Negotiation tips for new graduates

Remember that interviews are two way streets! Knowing your worth as well as what practices need can help you negotiate successfully

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Lockdown learning and compound interest

So compound interest may not be top of your lockdown learning experiences but lockdown throws up all kinds of unexpected experiences.

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Are you all ears? Sound financial support

A great bank of podcasts on all things financial- whether it's about mindset, investing or taking that idea to business

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Time to reset your finances

So, now might be a great time to have a good think about your financial position and press the “reset button”. Perhaps consider your short and long term financial objectives?

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Survive Today to Prosper Tomorrow

In this article, we discuss some options that are available to try and reduce the impact of the current crisis on our finances

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When the worst really does happen- protecting your income

Watch back our Face Up To Finances online discussion to see how you can take steps to understand your worth and protect your income

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A self care action we don’t talk enough about- Financial Discipline

Many of us will think it will never happen to us. How long would your finances last if you could not work?

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Financial Paralysis 2

Why don't we take control? In this blog Gudrun discusses the head in the sand approach that many professionals adopt when faced with financial decisions.

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